Mediation & Collaborative Law

Mediation is an entirely consensual process whereby the parties appoint a mediator, who can be an individual with or without particular training (usually, mediators are accredited by one of the leading organisations such as the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR or ADR).

It is important that parties do consider mediation in disputes, as a failure to do so may mean some or all of the costs involved in Litigation will be awarded against the non-compliant party. The mediator has no power, but simply facilitates the parties’ discussions when attempting to reach an agreement. The process is entirely without prejudice and confidential, so anything said cannot be relied upon at a later stage.

We have been involved in a large number of mediations from very small disputes between private clients to major commercial mediations involving large number of parties and multiple mediators. We will always advise our client to make settlement decisions that are in your best interests and are not detrimental.

Mediation has a very high success rate and enables parties to agree settlements which would not be possible in litigation. We aim to discuss the benefits and appropriateness in all disputes.

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