Professional Negligence Law

Whether in business or in private life, everyone has cause from time to time to rely upon others to provide them with professional advice. The professional advice sought is expected to be of a high standard, from time to time even the best professionals may fall short of what can reasonably be expected of them and this can have serious consequences for the person who relied upon them.

In some circumstances the advice given is so below acceptable standards that it is deemed as negligent advice. In such a case you may be entitled to claim compensation on the basis of such negligent advice.

Regan’s operate an expert group, specialising in such negligent claims both for individuals and for groups (group actions). Our professional negligence solicitors offer expert legal advice for making claims against professionals when their advice falls short of acceptable standards. Putting our trust in surveyors, architects, solicitors, accountants, and other professionals is often a given, but unfortunately sometimes even the best professionals let us down: an architect may fail to design a building competently leading to major defects, or a lawyer may fail to pursue a client’s claim properly resulting in the client losing their rights, or an accountant may fail to give accurate tax advice leading to substantial financial loss.

What you can expect from our Professional Negligence Claims Service:

Quick and Practical Advice:
Regan’s dedicated professional negligence team has extensive experience in advising clients on claims against negligent professionals, enabling us to quickly understand the matter and advise on the most appropriate route to resolve your dispute.

Trustworthy Team:
We are well placed to offer a greater depth of understanding of the issues surrounding your claim through our collaboration with our solicitors in other departments. In particular, our team works closely with our leading property and construction solicitors to help you with any claim against architects, valuers and surveyors.

Personal Service:
The circumstances of each case are unique and our team will evaluate a case, taking into account your individual needs, and always consider at the outset if a case should be pursued.

Initial Case Assessment:
Contact us today in complete confidence to talk through your situation and allow us to provide you with an informative and friendly case assessment service.

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